We are in Eugene to look at the University on Oregon for my brother. We took the tour earlier today and I thought it was a really cool school. The football stadium was AMAZING too.

Tonight we decided on eating at Belly.  For appetizers we all shared gougeres, marinated castelvestrano olive, manchego cheese, and salami, and mac and cheese with cheddar, fontina, tomatoes, and spiced breadcrumbs. The gougeres I tried but they weren’t really my thing. I had never had olives before so I tried these but I was overwhelmed with how salty they were (later on in the meal my mom said that these olives were relatively UNsalty compared to other olives). The manchego was fine but I LOVED the salami.

The mac and cheese could have been cheesier but the tomatoes were a nice addition.For my main course I had the pan roasted chicken breast with Madeira truffle butter, carrots, and spaetzle. I had never had spaetzle before but as my mom characterized it “there like short hairs ” ( looks-wise of course). It was really good because I tasted more like it was toasted   than prepared the traditional pasta way. The skin was great and crispy and the truffle butter was good with it. For dessert I had a lemon cream tartlet with blue berries, marcona almonds, and whipped cream. It was ABSOLUTELY delicious. All in all a very tasty meal.