School ended a couple of weeks ago, and we headed back East for my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah.

We arrived late on a Thursday night, but my mom had been there for a few days without us, so she was able to pick up some yummy dinner food from Salumeria Rosi, which has the best proscuitto ($100/pound!) and a bunch of other things.   It was a really, really rainy day, and she got soaked getting all the food.  Luckily, it was so worth it.  She also got some burrata (yum)  at Obika which is a lot closer to my grandparents’ apartment than Salumeria Rosi!  We really appreciated what she went through to get it for us.

On Friday, we headed down to New Jersey and checked into our hotel.  I guess my mom didn’t remember that she had already made one reservation for all of us, so she actually had made another!  The rooms were already paid for, so Andrew (my brother) and I got our own room which was really nice.  My grandparents and my Auntie Andy were also there, so that was fun.  On Friday night, my aunt and uncle had everyone (many parts of the family) over to their house for a buffet dinner before the Shabbat service.  It was finally not raining and not too hot, so we sat out in their beautiful backyard.  There were some very funny moments involving my grandfather not remembering what his first wife looked like, and a non-family member revealing a little too much about her past after she’d had a few drinks.  It was really fun, though, and a nice casual dinner.

After the Bar Mitzvah service (which was nice, but pretty much like my brother’s), the lunch was super–good.  Lots of choices and pretty fancy stuff.  By the time we left, it was pouring (again), so there was no chance to go swimming.  Why did I bother bringing my bathing suit during the rainiest June on record?!  My brother and I watched a movie in the room.

The evening party was very, very lavish.  It was at their beach club, and it was in two huge tents.  There was a DJ and games and a cariciature artist and more stuff that I can’t even remember.  I didn’t really talk to anyone which made it kind of boring.  We were all really tired, so we didn’t stay too late.

On Sunday, we checked out of the hotel and went to my aunt and uncle’s house.  It was STILL RAINING so we had a low-key day at their house.  It was nice to just hang out and do nothing with them.  We hardly see them.   My uncle made some steaks for dinner which were only okay.  They had been frozen and whole grill-partially-defrosted-meat thing didn’t work out too well.  We didn’t really care because it was just fun to be with them.

To be continued…