Hello everyone! Welcome to this blog post! This one will not be as long as my last post. Let’s get started.

After Centro Vinoteca we went to Flex Mussels. The service was great. It wasn’t extremely loud. My parents said their beer went well with their mussels. For the appetizers we all shared the spicy greens salad and the crab cakes. The salad was very good but I didn’t care for the crab cakes. For the entree’  had the fish and chips. They were REALLY good. I really liked how they were so light. My parents also enjoyed their mussels. For dessert I had the apple crisp. It was pretty good. I gave it a 9-9.5 and about 2 1/2 dollar signs.

Next was Craftbar. Top Chef fans, if you don’t know this is Tom Collichio’s restaurant. For appetizers, we had a duck breast bruscetta, arugula salad, and sage leaves stuffed with sausage. Everything was really good. For my main course I had a braised piece of Colorado lamb with Swiss chard, and big white beans. The lamb was so tender I could use my fork! It was D- liscious. For dessert I had something with white chocolate but I can’t read my notes. I can read that I really enjoyed it. Where we were sitting was a little to dark but service was really informative and it wasn’t that loud. I gave it a 9 out of 10 and three dollar signs.

I am going to end this post so you can get ready for  my next one. As a preview it will be my favorite dinner.  I will let leave the rest to your imagination.